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Other Books by H.D. Anyone:

H.D. grew up reading everything horses: Misty of Chincoteague, Black Beauty, Born to Trot, Man-O-War, you name it. 

The Mustang and the Mountain is book one in this coming-of-age in the 70’s series.  The first book culminates in a darn good horse race up a mountain.  The novel is based on H.D.’s actual experiences of riding horses up and down Arizona’s Bill Williams Mountain. The characters are real, the threat to the homestead was real, and the interaction with the horses are based on actual experiences.

The Mustang and the Mountain is Book 1 in The Holly Nelson Narratives: Synopsis:  Holly Nelson tames a wild mustang rescued by her neighbor, but when that lifelong neighbor and friend is about to lose her homestead, Holly, in an effort to save her friend’s home, bets that she and her tiny mustang can beat a powerful quarter horse in a race to the top of Bill Williams Mountain.