The Parables of Ancient Earth | A Fantasy Christian Trilogy

In a reptile ruled word, a sister rises unexpectedly to power while an unassuming creature calls the imprisoned brother on a quest to redeem the corrupt kingdom, his sister’s soul, and landkind of the final millennium.

Christian Study Guide The Parables of Ancient Earth

This Study Guide accompanies The Parables of Ancient Earth Christian Trilogy and challenges the readers to reflect on their own walk with Christ as they follow the protagonists through the battles of an ancient reptilian-ruled world.

Rephidim City of Reptiles

WINNER in the Fiction Category of the 2014 Harvest Book Reading Competition

Excerpt from Book Review By Ignatius Fischer:
The Parables of Ancient Earth, The First Scroll: Rephidim, City of Reptiles is the first of several novels similar in nature to CS Lewis’ Narnia stories. This well-written children’s adventure has a lot going on and a very clear message of spiritual importance running throughout. The spiritual lessons are threaded masterfully through character interaction and especially the excellent dialogue…